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I am a world-builder. The world-builder style of fiction writing has become overpopulated, but none are as sophisticated and well-loved as Stephen King’s Derry – Maine, Dune, Discworld, the DC Universe including Wildstorm, the Image Comics Universe, Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien, X-Men, Narnia, Cronenberg’s New Flesh and the worlds of Jim Henson, Dogme 95, Ender, Tony Wong, Buster, Nny, Roald Dahl, Animaniacs, Bill Gaines and Cow and Chicken. Also L. Frank Baum’s Oz.


As far as gaming, I almost exclusively stick to PS3, Star Wars on PC, steam indie, emus for sega/ps1/c64/amiga, MTGO, ds lite and win xp discs – eventually also 3do.

In a twitter topic on whether or not video games rot the mind, I said "visual interactive art stimulates your thought muscles, and your imagination, sometimes even improves your instincts. this is something other than rot."

My entire life I’ve been fascinated by materialising society’s fears, misery and absurdity, the disturbing and creepy, psychosis, nightmares, delusions, visions and fantasies. with respect to those older processes which are lasting in their effect/revealing something new about something old. the dismantling, evolution, criticism and analysis of minds and processes – their function in society and how they themselves function.


My top 20 favourite video games are: Magic: the Gathering Online, Land of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse, Another World, Discworld 2, Limbo, Earthworm Jim, Lemmings, Close Combat, Joust, Mortal Kombat 2, The Sims 1, Gain Ground, Robocop VS The Terminator, Syphon Filter, California Games, Astro Warrior, Rampage, Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX, Marble Madness, No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking.


re: Walden Two: ” “What is the Good Life?” The book’s answer is a life of friendship, health, art, a healthy balance between work and leisure, a minimum of unpleasantness, and a feeling that one has made worthwhile contributions to a society in which resources are ensured, in part, by minimizing consumption.”

Reno Raijnes


the 5 types of writing that I do


Writing to send to publishers and digital publishers, producers, contests: webcomics, graphic novels, comic book series, screenplays, scripts (tv, theatre), ride/attraction designs, novels, indie video games, theoretical design books, tabletop games/rpgs, narrative essays.



Writing to collaborate with indie developers – as above

Writing e-courses and self-published writing/sketch art: blogs, cartoons, ebooks, comic strips.



Writing and designs which I also produce (movies, songs for video, mechatronic games, interactive spaces and puppetry amusements, LARPs, interactive animated visual novels, indie video games, animation, toys, CCGs, CMGs, digital products and game art.)

creating design which is both reactive to excessively progressive technology and respecting my deep and powerful need to create something new.

Creative Influences

for all of my work...

I have been reading DC comics since discovering Clayface, Captain Atom, JSA/JLA, Hal Jordan and Plastic Man as a kid.

I later discovered: Cerebus, Metabarons, Wetworks, JLI, Michael Holt, Uncanny X-Men, Ravage 2099, Wildstar, Hellshock by Jae Lee, Sensei by First Comics, Tony Wong, Wolverine and Daken, Cable and Deadpool, Bishop, Punisher, Spiderman villains, Spawn and Ken Reid.​

Still into those but getting more into: X-Men, X-Man, Wildstorm, Curse of Spawn, Silver Surfer, Swamp Thing, Suicide Squad, Sinister Six, Death’s Head, Checkmate, Lucifer, Slave Labor Graphics, Bill Loebs and Sam Kieth, Marvel Zombies, Elseworlds, What if, Generation X, Atom Smasher, Spectre, Argus (bloodlines), Thanos, Dr Strange, Richard Thompson, Earth X, X-Factor, Captain Britain, Batman ’66, X-23, Youngblood, Wild C.A.T.S. and Black Adam.

I love visual storytelling. Scriptwriting for both screen and sequential art is one of my core passions.

Henry Selick

filmmaker (animation)


Jim Henson


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David Feiss

animation creator


Richard Garfield

game designer

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Rik Mayall



Don Hertzfeldt

filmmaker (animation)


Robert Bauder


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Joe Penhall

TV writer

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Park Chan-wook


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Bruce Timm

animation creator

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Eric Chahi

game designer


Hal Hartley



Jay Silver

digital product designer


Ken Reid

comic artist


Christian Alvart

tv writer


Doug TenNapel

game designer


Terry Pratchett



Glen Duncan



Mike Lacher

copywriter and tech developer


Shane Carruth


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David Cronenberg


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Olivier Assayas



Paul Bonner

game artist


Brendon Small

animation writer

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Harmony Korine



Sho Yamamoto



Bill Gaines

Comic/Magazine Publisher


Jean-Pierre Jeunet



Jack Cole

comic creator


David Scott Jones

game designer


David Meng



Casey Pugh

tech developer


Spalding Gray



Ben Ketai

tv writer


Stephen King



Greg Egan

novelist and computer programmer


Roald Dahl



Anna Mantzaris

filmmaker (animation)


I grew up in the oldest town in the UK, Colchester – in rural Essex. I came over to New Zealand with family when I was six years old. Coming from a strict primary school where I had to wear a shirt and tie, to a small school where it was so hot we didn’t even have to wear shoes. I went to school in a small shearing village with six other Maori kids. The teacher was also the principal. Recreation was whatever we made ourselves, in busted up rusty cars, in the woods, in the school pool. Making up physical and ball games. Going on adventures, and messing about while the grownups did shearing or docking the lambs or eeling and preparing the Hangi.

Holidays were skiing or road trips or camping. Growing up with the Spectrum, C64, Acorn Archimedes and Amiga. In the early 90’s in Turangi, I was introduced to the Sega Master System. And I would soon begin learning to make video games with a BBC Micro emulator in BASIC. And also writing rpg rulebooks and card game mods.

I don’t want my work to be forgotten. I want to leave something behind, I want my life to have had meaning – for this I feel that I need to effect positive change in the world, to impact society, to make an imprint of myself that will not decay before our species does. To change minds, inspire hope and change. To motivate deep thought. To move tech forward to solve problems or inspire and enable the next generation to move tech and society forward to solve problems. these are turbulent times so there are possibly more problems now than ever. climate, politics, hate, inequality, economy, poverty, the destruction of the hard worker and his/her life/family, bullying (more hate), and harassment (hate turned to action.)


Through powerful stories, designs, sketches and tech: novels and short fiction, scripts, movies and sequential art, documentaries, art direction, designs, digital products, mechatronics, cartoons, critical analysis, written ideas, songs for video, e-courses and games.

I have learned to write three kinds of narratives: 1. the magical and scientific, because I’m very passionate about believing in the supposedly impossible. 2. minimalist indie intellectual action/drama – because I’ve always been super-fixated on dismantling and the function and functioning of various processes – especially mental and creative. 3. when I am challenged to write with certain limitations – budget, number of locations, characters, etc.

I am seriously fascinated by the development of digital works. Mechatronics is a combination of mechanical output and electronic parts (usually the brain and power source are electronic.) This includes but is not limited to animatronics. You can have mechatronic spaces, toys, art installations and physical-digital products.

I dig the ideas of minimalism and Utopianism. But I'm also a collector, so having a certain amount of stuff - esp. entertainment and books, is part of my passion. But I do like the idea of surrounding myself with only the resources that I need + my collections. I really like social entrepreneurship because it realigns ambition with a social conscience in mind. The ambition is not to have the greatest profits incrementally increasing infinitely for shareholders, but to have the best products and/or services so that the creatives can live well and to improve the lives of others as well.

Digital products are products that utilise technology for their function. Often this means things like software and electronic games and hardware. With either invisible moving parts or physical electronically controlled moving parts. However, physical-digital products can be any finished physical thing (that is to be sold) that uses technology for its physical functioning. A digital product might be Facebook (software) or a Barcode Reader (hardware). Whereas an example of a physical-digital product might be a consumer robot (physically-functioning hardware).

Currently I focus on writing, scriptwriting, production design, design art, indie game development, and cartooning.

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