Creative Origins

The 8bit Flesh-donors was founded in late 2017 when Mike hand-picked some of his favourite creative individuals and the five of them decided to join forces to make some intelligent, emotionally effective, interesting and major projects and get their names known. They are now working together on a collaboration; an indie adventure video game based on a 600-page script Mike is writing, testing themselves as a team before working together consistently under contract.

So far, Mike was developing content with one of the members who has since been unable to continue, for "16bit theory" webzine - which is due to launch in February 2022. There will be interviews with emerging creatives and successful mentors in their documentary feature video movie - Rebel Nerds and Leveling Up: A Video Zine. There will also be products and website/webcomic subscriptions available for purchase on this website.

Mike has been writing the graphic novels: "Product Design: for Heathens", "Sleepchild 1" and "Lapwerld 1" script for the team to illustrate and writing is just about finished.

Two team members leaving has slowed progress on the web comic and our second team game (about dungeons) but Mike has just started his half of the script for the Webcomic.

If you are an indie studio and you need some work done, we can work closely with you to understand what you want, what your style is and what elements are most important to you. Explore our site to see all that we have to offer and what we can do for you today.

8bit Flesh-donors: Media Studio

Welcome to the home of beauty and creativity. We believe that stunning designs start with an idea (simple, or complex. Emotional, intellectual and/or imaginative) and a pen and paper. Next there’s 8bit Flesh-donors, a team of fantasy architects dedicated to your goals and vision. Through our wide range of services we’ll make sure that your expectations are not just met, but exceeded. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Our mission is to be passionate makers and fuel that energy into the creation of interesting, intelligent, thorough and deep entertainment and technology. And to build a platform that spreads this creativity through the cult and the underground, to as many different types of consumer crowds and generations, with as little censorship or non-creative control as possible. To be allowed and enabled to be silly and have fun, to be adventurous, take risks, jump off the cliff without taking off the blindfold and spend every waking moment creating something beautiful or ugly, but always effective. We are focused on the creation of a webzine, documentary and fiction feature and short video movies, graphic novels, webcomics and indie video game collaborations.

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